Australians be warned. You must be careful what you change your name to, because after the third time, you’ll be stuck with it as a Sydney man known as ‘AHH’ found out.

AHH, as he is known by court documents, either to protect his current identity or because he’s bad at picking names, changed his name three times in three years in order to avoid the “constant hounding and harassment from his ex-partner.”

The Iraqi-born man was originally known as Hormis Daniel and then, in 1999, became Thomas Daniels, which he changed to Tony Adams in 2000 and then finally landed on AHH in 2001. This guy most go through a ton of monogramed towels. AHH doesn’t work for him anymore because his family, being ashamed that he is still single, has arranged a marriage for him in Iraq and they don’t know he changed his name because of a failed marriage.

His pleas for an exemption to save the dignity of his family fell on deaf ears. Australia has a strict “three-strike” policy when it comes to name changes.

Is he allowed to add to a name? May we suggest ‘AHH Crap?’

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