Got Milk?

One time in high school, a kid dispersed a tiny amount of pepper spray in the foyer thirty feet away from me and I coughed and gagged like I was dying.

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I can only imagine how awful it feels to get it right in the face.  It must be excruciating.

Milk does the body good

The video at the bottom of this article opens with a man pouring milk all over himself in the middle of a Texas convenience store.


I don't think it's helping.

Judging by the amount of milk on the floor, it looks like he's dumped about three cartons of milk over his head.  We've all heard that drinking milk will help soothe your mouth after eating spicy food, I'm not sure if it works if it works like this, though.


Towel, please

We don't know what this rascal did to get pepper sprayed, there's a suggestion on the video below but unless somebody can produce a police report, we're not accusing anyone of anything. In the meantime, somebody please get this man a towel!

Check ou the video for yourself below.

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