Have you seen the man with a plan that sells his work of art off Transmountain? If Transmountain is your usual route to head West, then you know and have seen the man with a plan. Unfortunately, I never use that route to head West so I didn’t know about him until recently. My friends informed me about a man that hangs out off of Transmountain selling what looks to be like his masterpieces. Since I don’t ever need to use Transmountain Road I had no clue about this dude.

Basically, through the grapevine, this guy needs money because of his divorce. This guy deserves props though for at least trying to make a decent living. If you use that route and wondered why there’s a man standing near the road alongside his paintings, apparently that’s why

.If you or someone you know is a collector and could use some new pieces at a decent price you know where to find them. Share your insight below on whether or not you have seen the man with a plan.

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