I am horrible at remembering people's names. I have worked with people for years and still stumble over their name. I know this is a problem and try the tricks that are recommended to help you remember someone's name. The big one is repeating back the name to the person you just met. The only problem is I remember to repeat the name to the person AFTER they're already gone. I have a strange mental block with names and I'm not sure what it is.

That's where THIS WEBSITE comes in. It's here to help you remember names. The website is actually trying to pick your name, but you can use to try to figure someone else's name based on some simple information. Of course, you might be wondering how you're supposed to remember things like when someone was born if you can't remember their name. But you really just need three pieces of information. The decade the person was born in (that shouldn't be all that difficult although it there were close to the beginning or end you might need to run this twice). The person's gender (that shouldn't be that difficult, although in the age we live in it's becoming more difficult). And what the person's name starts with it. Those three criteria will give you the probability of names for that person.

I put in my information and you'd probably be able to guess my name. It gave just over a 20% chance of my name being 'Brian'. Right after that, at just under 20%? 'Brandon'. Of course, I know how popular the name Brandon was back in the 80s because it felt like there were at least 3 to 4 Brandon's on the soccer field at any one time.

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