Some have experienced a night we don't remember but do remember why we despise particular alcohol. Sometimes the thought, sight, or scent of certain alcohol can trigger your gag reflex. Believe me, I know the feeling when seeing, hearing, or the smell of particular alcohol can make you sick to your stomach. For me, that is how Jagermeister and Effen Cucumber make me feel every time. You can also probably relate when you smell what once was your favorite poison you enjoyed in the past. Luckily, the kind of shots I loved taking didn't part ways on bad terms. But a couple of nights out with friends got me to absolutely despise Jagermeister and Effen Cucumber.

Normally it is always your friend's brilliant idea to just take a round of shots for fun. One night my friend brought over a decent size bottle of Jagermeister for us to finish. Everyone knows when you mix friends and alcohol together isn't a good thing. My friend thought it would be fun to finish the entire bottle between the two of us. We accomplished this dumb mission with a major setback. That setback was us being affected by that sight, smell, and taste for the rest of our lives. That was actually the first and last night I ever drank Jagermeister. Another dislike I have is for Effen Cucumber. So thanks to that alcohol I can't ever enjoy Gatorades Cucumber drink, ever now. There could also be other factors of why you may not be able to tolerate particular alcohol. I have stayed away from Jagermeister since 2005 and Effen Cucumber since 2012. Pick the poison you over drank that led you to despise it later below.

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