There are videos going viral of a shooting that happened in Los Angeles involving an El Paso man. The El Paso man responsible for the shooting goes by Ramon Roque Monreal.

He seems to be in what looks like an altercation on the streets of Los Angeles in the video above. After hell breaks loose, you will notice the gunfire's brightness flash a couple of times.

Ramon Roque Monreal, 33, allegedly killed 17-year-old, Alejandra "Ale" Estrada.

It's tragic that a young girl's life was taken because she was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

According to the Los Angeles Police Alejandra Estrada was not Ramon Monreal's intended target. The intended target seems to be the man in all white that Ramon Monreal approaches in the video KVIA ABC 7 shared above.

It's unsure about the words exchanged, but you can definitely see Ramon Monreal lift his shirt exposing his weapon. There were illegal street races taking place that evening when the shooting happened in Hollywood.

According to KCAL News 9, there were about 200 people at the race where Alejandra was an innocent bystander.

Alejandra Estrada was hanging around Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue when gunshots broke out.

She was struck and died instantly at the scene of the crime. Another victim in his 30's whose name hasn't been released is recovering from his gunshot wound.

Ramon Roque Monreal is in custody for Alejandra Estrada's death and his bail is set at $3 million. I can't understand how this large gathering happened in the first place during this pandemic.

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