A California man and his son traveled to El Paso, Texas to take care of some business and also try Chico's Tacos. The Felix family had no clue what Chico's Tacos is but have heard about it from a well-known comedian.

Gabriel Iglesias has been known to use product placement in his skit when he has performed in El Paso before. That is actually how the Felix family found out about Chico's Tacos and were curious about the tacos you can drink.

There are a lot of El Pasoans who love to eat at Chico's Tacos on occasion. For people like the Felix family who have only heard about it but never tried it put that to an end. The Felix family traveled to El Paso to take care of some things but also to try Chico's Tacos for their first time.

I remember my first time trying Chico's Tacos when I was younger when they used to use the real OG cheese.

For the Felix family, they ordered a single, an order of fries, and a cheeseburger at Chico's Tacos. When they're sitting at the table with their tray of food you can hear a giggle as the camera focuses on the tacos.

Well, Donnie was the first one to take a bite out of his cheeseburger and definitely approved. Now as for the tacos, Donnie's dad mentioned there was a lot of cheese (which is how they come) and said they were okay. Then he took another bite of his taco but dipped it in salsa verde and still claimed it was okay.

I know there are a lot of people who don't share the same opinion as the Felix family does. Feel free to share if you remember your first time eating at Chico's Tacos in the poll below.

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