WARNING: Spoilers Ahead
, but really? Why did you even click on it, if you haven't seen the movie?

Why are you doing this Marvel? Why must you traumatize kids?

Nah, I am totally kidding. YouTubers are the ones doing that, but Marvel is just pure awesomeness. The phenomena that is Avengers: Infinity War is still as popular as it was on opening night. Some parents ran to take their children to see the movie the week of the release, others are just witnessing its greatness. My friend Stephanie recently took her son, Jonathan to have a great day at the movies. Unfortunately, it ended in tears.

The reason for those tears? Spider-Man.

Yes, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man breaks all of our hearts at the end of Avengers: Infinity War by turning into ash or whatever he floated away as. The hands-down most emotional part of the movie between Iron-Man and Spider-Man has probably caused many children, women and grown-men to cry their eyes out. Poor little Jonathan couldn't contain his tears after the movie. From what I understand, he basically questions life and why Spider-Man had to die. Maybe, that is just what I actually started thinking when I watched it.

Either way, we didn't deserve this, Marvel. We didn't need to cry over a man in spandex. It is only cute when little kids like Jonathan cry, not use adults covered in popcorn and sadness.

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