Thursday morning's segment on The Buzz Adams Morning show was jam-packed with action. Buzz brought up a recent survey stating men claim to cry at least four times a month, while women claim to do so at least three times a month. Naturally, Buzz thought that number was high, especially as a person who hasn't cried since he was a baby. The show received a lot of thoughts from callers, and these are their responses: 

Our first caller, Raul, called Buzz a "heartless monster" for never crying and said that he cries 8-9 times a month. The next caller, Juan, a 36-year-old tattooed metalhead, tears up every time he watches "Land Before Time." Raymond said he cries at the movies and when his 11-year-old daughter, asks he tells her, "it's the jalapeños." Brooklyn followed up by stating that they tear up three times a week, and it can be anything that'll set them off, either memes, commercials, or Tik-Tok.

Other callers such as Matt stated that they're an emotional guy, while Nathan said that they don't cry as much. The last two callers, Mike and Jacob, shared their thoughts as well. Mike never did until he became a father, and now any "emotional family scene involving a daughter and dad" (example: Black Widow) will set him off. Jacob cried watching the marvel movies, especially with the scene where Flacon shows up and says "on your left" to Captain America, nothing but tears.

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Everyone had a range of responses to this emotional topic. On one side, people think it's okay to cry as much as one needs to. And might indicate that the survey may be underreporting other peoples' tears.

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