October 14th is Spider-Man day! And in honor of that slick web-slinging jokester, the BAMS cast talks about which of Peter Parker's famous powers each of them would choose to have.

Buzz took the pragmatic approach and based his choice on which Spider-Man power would be the most useful. "Super strength, Spider-Man is strong enough to stop a runaway bus with one arm, and I'm not minimizing his reactions or spidey senses or being able to climb up a wall. But super-strength would just come in handy much more often than any other powers." A reasonable way to tackle a complete fantasy.

Joanna focused on one of Spider-Man's less noticeable power. "I want that thing where he doesn't need glasses anymore. I have to wear glasses every day, and I'd like to wake up and when I put them on be like 'oh I can't see' and then take them off and be like, 'holy crap I can see again!'" A power many glasses users would enjoy having.

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Lisa mentioned powers that don't belong to Spider-Man, but after looking up his Wikipedia, she had an interesting take on one of Spider-Man's classic powers that she would use to get out of trouble. "I want heightened senses so I could play professional poker, and I could tell whenever people are lying, like when they're picking cards and stuff. I see like a sweat bead coming down their forehead."

Nico focused more on a power that could help him escape sticky situations. "Imagine being able to crawl on walls or any surface; that would be awesome! You could never be trapped in a dead-end alley. You would always have great traction on top of speeding trains or buses. I could even become a professional sumo wrestler."

The crew all had wildly different opinions, but the one thing they all shared was being super! Be sure to celebrate your favorite neighborhood wall-crawler today by watching the movies, reading the comics, or playing with radioactive insects.

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