Spider-Man: Far From Home kicked off the next big saga for the MCU. Yes, it is still be counted as a part of phase 3, but it should really be the first part of phase 4. Up until now we were in the Infinity Saga, which wrapped up with Endgame.

I posted a blog about my thoughts and theories about where the MCU will be going, and you can check that out by CLICKING HERE.

One theory that I didn't put in my blog was about the next saga being the Secret Wars arc that was in the comics back in the mid-80s. The reason I kept this one out of that blog is Buzz brought it up first and I didn't want to take credit for his thoughts.

Which is why I brought him in for this episode of The After Buzz. We cover the blog more in depth on this episode, and also get Buzz's thoughts on the end scenes and the future of the MCU.

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