The Super Bowl sure does attract a plethora of different people.

Athletes, Celebrities, Bands, Media Outlets, Actors, Comedians, and even Royalty. Not to be left out of that mix, though, are the crazies.

The Big Game is a big breeding ground for risk-takers. Mix that with a lack of inhibitions, due to the insane energy, is a lethal combination.

This Free Climber in Phoenix wasn't there this week just for the Super Bowl, but also to take advantage of the press there. It worked. Take a look.

Here is the weirdo behind the climbing.

The daring Arizona climber immediately made me think of El Paso’s recent Spider-Man stunt on Halloween. Remember that???

According to our news partners at KVIA, a guy who goes by the name of “Yancy Fancy Nancy” on YouTube “dressed head-to-toe as the Marvel hero, then begins to climb the exterior wall of the tower. The design of the building has bricks jutting out the side which act as little steps for Yancy to climb up.

It was an AWESOME sight to see. More of this in 2023. Anything for the kids.

Super Bowl LVII takes place this Sunday on Fox, and kickoff is at 4:30 pm MT. Rihanna should take the stage around 6:20ish. Click here to check out what boosted Rihanna to stardom back in 2006. I'll give you a hint... it happened in El Paso, and it's hosted by Tony the Tiger these days. The bowl of the Sun.

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Krazy Arrow Ranchette in Chaparral, NM.

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