Life can be very stressful at times (& last year was REALLY good proof of that), but sometimes we all need a reminder to find a sense of relaxing, our own form of paradise. That's what Le Voyage reminds us in their brand new single called "Paradise".

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Le Voyage has been rocking El Paso since from 2017 & they've developed a sound that combines alternative, funk & indie together. The 5 members in Le Voyage are:

  • Brianna Paula - Vocals
  • Jonathan Romo - Bass
  • Daniel Tarango - Guitar
  • Pablo Prieto - Keys
  • & Peter Flores - Drums

During their time together, they've performed at Lowbrow Palace & Monarch back in 2018, have been featured on 306 Sessions, & have released a few music videos last year for their songs "Here & Now", & "Golden Tides". They're back for 2021 with a NEW video for their song "Paradise" which was released last week on April 16th & are in the process on releasing their first EP later this year.

The video was filmed by Johnathan Romo from Rom Productions & Le Voyage have stated that the video "is based on the inner battles that one may face. Whether it be distinguishing the good from the bad, the new & the old & just trying to find your paradise here or there. Everyone has their own meaning of what 'paradise" means to them".

Le Voyage can be heard on Q Connected & if you're a local artist (play within 200 miles of El Paso) & wanted to submit your music for Q Connected, you can right HERE or send me an email at

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