Hey, El Paso! My liver has FINALLY recovered from Streetfest 2012 and I'm back in New York, missing your beautiful mountains, scorching sun and Chico's Tacos. Luckily I can be in El Paso in spirit by watching the wall move here on KLAQ.com. Check out some of my favorites to move across the wall since I was in the Sun City:

You guys may have noticed that a power outage took KLAQ off the air the other night. Oh no! My boy Johnnie Walker was manning the airways when the power cut, leaving him in the dark with no Internet to keep him amused and to quote a text from him, "No candles, so I can't even do shadow animals!" He made a video of his spooky night, and I don't know you guys, I haven't heard from him since. I'm kind of worried. Scott Ronson DID tell me that the KLAQ studios are haunted.


Buzz Reveals Truth About Andy Taylor


With the death of Andy Griffith, Buzz took a look at his character, Andy Taylor, on the "Andy Griffith Show," revealing racism, misuse of power and the murder of Opie's mother? Buzz took a deep look at the show, and it's pretty darn brilliant and worth a read, even if you weren't a fan of the show.

The Texas Tattoo Showdown starts tomorrow and you can get an inside look at the tattoo artists behind the festival in Lisa's Meet the Tattoo Artists posts.

Lisa chatted with two of the sexy ladies behind the ink and she included tons of pics even if reading isn't really your thing. Check those interviews out here and get all the info you need for THIS WEEKEND'S festival right here.

The WWE Smackdown came to El Paso and Monster was ringside, snapping pics of all the big names (and all the ladies' hot hinies) for you. His pics were taken from so close, you can almost feel the chairs breaking over your back.






While Monster was checking out the WWE Smackdown, Buzz was being criticized for not liking the UFC. Eager to defend his manhood after receiving from messages from numerous listeners questioning his sexuality, Buzz explained why disliking the UFC makes him MORE comfortable in his sexuality. While I'm not completely sold (I mean, he DOES keep Fernie around), he does make some good points and it's a funny read, for sure.


Ahh, Streetfest 2012, the last time I was inside you, El Paso. We moved the wall SO much during Streetfest with great videos, pictures, interviews and other insanity, that we organized it all into a convenient page for you to check it all out. My personal favorite (and the most fun I ever had at work) was the cowbell montage we made after Buzz nearly got kicked out of the backstage area for playing the cowbell within earshot of Blue Oyster Cult. MORE COWBELL! You can also check out my video tour of the Batmobile Tumbler and Batpod, Duke's slowdown videos and Lisa and I being crazy girls.


Okay, so I'm not throwing my own post into the Best of KLAQ.com roundup, but I just want to point out what we endure to bring you guys all the awesome stuff that constantly moves across the KLAQ.com wall. After Saturday night at Streetfest 2012, Fernie texted to tell me that someone had posted a Craigslist Missed Connection about me. You know you've made it when you're the subject of a Missed Connections post! And by "made it," I do mean someone has likely devoted some lotion and tissues to thoughts of me.

But wait, there's more. After I posted about the Craigslist posting, the dude responded, telling me that he was watching me at Streetfest from a hotel window! Creepy! Read my response.