Streetfest 2012 kicks off this Friday and I'm happy to report that I will be there! Balloonfest 2012 was a blast -- taking in all the bands, checking out the sexy El Paso crowd and Streetfest is only going to be bigger and better -- both on the stage, in the crowd and here, on We've got tons of awesome stuff for planned for you and we'll be bringing all the action from downtown El Paso to you here on Here's some stuff you need to know:

Streetfest 2012

Streetfest 2012 is this Friday and Saturday and you should totally be there. I mean, I'm coming all the way from New York, it's going to be THAT awesome of a party. Get all the info you need to know to go on our Streetfest 2012 page.








Batmobile at Streetfest

Maybe you weren't loved as a child and therefore listening to tons of awesome live bands play awesome live music isn't your thing. It's cool. I can pretend to respect that. Even if music isn't your thing, the Batmobile and Bat Pod may be. The Tumbler Tour is coming to Streetfest 2012 Friday night, and I'm looking forward to checking them out in person. Check out the pics in Glenn's post to see how effing rad they are!

Streetfest 2012 Instagram

If you can't make it to Streetfest (Santa must really hate you) or if you're coming to Streetfest and just want to see what the KLAQ staffers are up to and seeing, you can check out all of our pics as we taken them LIVE from the event on our Instagram page and you can join in on the Instagram action by tagging your Instagram pics #QStreetfest2012 to make them show up on!

Streetfest 2012 Facebook

Are you so excited about Streetfest 2012 that you just can't hide it? You don't have to! Invite your friends -- help us make the party bigger. You can do it without wearing out your little texting thumbs right on our Streetfest 2012 Facebook event page! Even my Grandma has Facebook! (But don't invite her or I may have to behave!)


We'll be using the #Streetfest2012 hashtag to keep everyone informed and share anything cool/wacky/gross we see and invite you to do the same. Let us know how YOUR Streetfest is going by using #Streetfest2012. Who knows, maybe we'll feature your tweet in a roundup or want to come hang out wherever it is you are downtown!






The team and I will be chugging energy drinks to bring you everything Streetfest 2012 you could want, from band pics and interviews, to as many pictures of hot babes as we can take to an up close look at the Tumbler Tour to so much more. You can read them as we right them, on our Streetfest 2012 page.

I can't wait to get back to El Paso and can't wait to see all of you guys at Streetfest 2012! We're only a day away!


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