While talking about this weekend's UFC match, I casually mentioned that I've never been a fan of Mixed Martial Arts.

I was happy to let it go at that but then I started receiving e-mail and Facebook posts insinuating that my manliness was questionable because I didn't like to watch heavily muscled, glistening men  wriggle around on top of each other.  Here are some samples:

You just lost all of your man Credits.  I am not sure you even have testosterone running through your veins.

UFC fan - (former Buzz Adams fan)

Buzz I never thought you were such a pansy (not the word I really want to use) until just now.  I'm a 50 year old woman that loves this sport.  I might have more cojones than you.  Elsa L.

Buzz, everyone is making fun of you because you sound like my girlfriend.


I acknowledge that it's unfair to single out UFC for having homo-erotic undertones. Let me be the first to say it:  ALL sports have homo-erotic undertones.  Whether it be the butt patting in baseball, the men wearing Capri pants in football, or the one-piece women's swimsuits in high school wrestling...the common thread of  man-on-man sexual desire is one of the hallmarks of every sport.

Is the UFC more homoerotic than other sports? I think one look at a photo of two men about to do battle will clearly show that it is not.

Oh, crap...my bad! Who would've known the first photo I got from Getty Images would show two guys about to kiss?!?  This next photo, though, shows the UFC in all it's manly, manly glory.



Again, I  apologize!!  I mean, that one dude is straight up about to kiss that other guy.  But I stick to my assertion that UFC is no more gay than basketball or footb...


OH, COME ON NOW!!!  This is obviously a picture of two guys about to make out.  The guy on the right is even gently caressing the other guys rippling abs, probably working his hand ever lower, down the happy trail of hair beneath his navel that leads down to his upper pubis.  The guy on the right is even smiling slightly, just like Laurie Beth would do just before Richie would plant one on her on "Happy Days"!   It is getting harder and harder. Uh....my attempt to defend the UFC that is!!!!


OK, fine.  So there's some kind of sexual tension going on in the UFC during the weigh ins.  So what? When the action starts in the ring it's nothing but manly testosterone and sheer heterosexuality!

You're really making this tough for me, UFC.  In fact, if there's one thing I've learned by looking for suitably masculine, hetero images of UFC it's this:  If you pixelate certain areas, every single UFC fight looks like a censored picture from thugswithchubs.com.