Holy awesome, Batman. The Tumbler Tour, featuring the Bat Tumbler and Bat Pod from The Dark Knight Rises rolled into Streetfest 2012 in El Paso Friday night and I was able to get an up close and personal tour with the dude who has the coolest job in America - Jim Johnson, the transportation manager at Wayne Enterprises. Jim says he gets to drive the Tumbler every day. Check out why I couldn't be more jealous!

Warner Bros. Pictures brought the Tumbler and Bat Pod to Streetfest and they were on display alongside dozens of sick cars in the Streetfest Rod and Custom Car Show Championship in the Convention Center.

Jim was nice enough to give me a tour of the Tumbler and Bat Pod and tell me all the cool details -- such as that the Pod has three sets of guns, including a rocket launcher. When asked if the rocket launcher really works, Jim says, "Oh, yeah."

The Pod stands on its own and weighs 728 pounds.

Jim says the Tumbler is the original Tumbler and has been in both movies. Its top speed has never been recorded, but Jim says he gets to drive it every day and yes, it's as much fun to drive as you'd imagine. He gets to drive it at Tumbler Tour events as well as the Michigan Motor Speedway.

The Tumbler weighs 5,000 pounds. Its two front tires are Hoosier racetrack tires and the four rear tires are 44-inch Super Swampers.The back of the Tumbler features a jet burner with vector controls.

You can see both the Tumbler and the Bat Pod in all their glory in "The Dark Knight Rises" in theaters on July 20 and check out my video tour with Jim by scrolling down. You can see pictures of our KLAQ winner Kaitlyn with the Tumbler and Bat Pod HERE.

I got to straddle the Bat Pod! I can die happy now!
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