It's been another week of cracking my "corporate overlord" whip to make sure the wall on is constantly moving, and move it did. Here's some of my favorites to move across the wall this week:

Teresa's rating of the best places to get Tacos in El Paso may have left my stomach growling and me missing El Paso even MORE than I already was, but is definitely worth checking out. And then go check out her picks and let me know how right on or off she is.







You know when people offer you some food and say, "This tastes like crap, try it." Buzz does that with his review of "Manos: The Hands of Fate," but he MAKES you want to try it to laugh along with him. Apparently the movie is supposed to be one of the worst EVER and the Internet is abuzz (Buzz, haha) with talk of it showing in theaters nationwide tonight. Not only that, but it was filmed ENTIRELY in El Paso. I'll admit I haven't seen it, but I just might HAVE to go tonight after reading Buzz's hilarious review.



Have I told you all how much I love Lisa? Because it's A LOT. Her suggestions for other animals Discovery Channel could focus on in addition to sharks is one of the many reasons why. (Two of the other reasons MIGHT be attached to her chest.) Lisa, I'm with you in supporting the creation of Giant Squid Week. Where's the petition. Check it.









It takes a lot of confidence to shake yo' booty in a handicapped parking spot at Cilo Vista Mall and this gentleman apparently has it. All of it. I love technology for giving us the ability to discreetly capture strangers doing bizarre things. If you haven't seen the video of this fella getting his jiggle on, you MUST check it out. You'll laugh and laughter is the best medicine. Well, besides whiskey. Right, Ronson?





If you missed the show last Thursday, I got to join Fernie in reviewing Scott' Chi-Chis of the Day. We put together the audio of our thorough examination with the images of the chi-chis as we discuss them. My favorite observation of Fernie's was when he compared a woman's breasts to elephant feet. AND WAS DEAD ON. Check it out!






When US gymnast McKayla Maroney won the silver medal in the Olympics vault competition, some photographer to whom I'm eternally grateful, captured her less-than-thrilled facial expression, which spawned an Internet meme. Well, it turns out McKayla is not only less than impressed with earning the gold. Buzz found McKayla being NOT impressed with El Paso and the KLAQ Morning Show, including me. :(