It's been a busy week on, with lots of great stuff moving across that wall. Here's some of my favorites, in case you missed them.

  • Boobs, boobs, boobs

    There's always ample cleavage moving across the wall and last week Buzz questioned whether some of the El Paso Boobs of the Day may be frauds. Fernie stepped in to the rescue, dismissing the actual breasts in the photos and analyzing the items in the background of the ladies' pics. The team put together a video of Fernie's hilarious takes with the boobs. A video of boobs -- what's better than that? And there's a poll so you can play along while you watch!

  • El Paso a War Zone?

    You always hear everyone outside of El Paso talking about how dangerous the city is. But is it really? Buzz looks at crime stats and what he found may surprise you. And, of course, it's a hilarious read. Would you expect any less from Buzz?

  • Local Music!

    KLAQ's own Johnnie Walker has been setting out to find the best local music in El Paso. He's been writing all about the shows he's been hitting right here on Find out where he's going next and what bands he's already checked out here!

  • 'Ask a Mexican!'

    So maybe my favorite part about this one is how adorable Buzz looks in a tie. Tie aside, Monster put together a great recap of "Ask a Mexican" author Gustavo Arellano's visit to the KLAQ studio. If you missed it, you can listen to the interview here.

  • Balloonfest!!!

    We have everything you need to know about this year's Balloonfest. (It's next month, can you believe it?!?) I plan on being there and you should too! What's more fun that hot air balloons, getting all wet and watching some kickass live music? And hanging out with me? Find out everything you need about Balloonfest 2012 here and let all your friends know you're going to be there by RSVPing on the Balloonfest Facebook page!