Streetfest 2012 kicked some serious tushie, with tons of great music, food, classic cars (including the Batmobile Tumbler and Bat Pod!), beer and tons of great friends to enjoy it with. Oh, and Lisa Sanchez and I brought our not-so-smooth dance moves!

The event also featured the Silent DJ booth, which you may have heard Buzz poking fun at on the KLAQ Morning Show. The booth was run by El Paso's own Fallen Tree Silent Events, and in a nutshell, featured a DJ spinning electronic dance music which could only be heard by those wearing special headphones.

Lisa and I tried out some of our not-so-smooth dance moves while Kansas was playing, which to the casual observer, made it look like we were dancing off-beat and with rave-like to some Kansas when, in reality, we were listening to Skrillex.

Dancing to Kansas also made Lisa and I realize JUST how out of shape we are. Check it out:

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