It's been another busy week here on, with tons of great local music coverage, awesome Morning Show guests and everything you need to know as we gear up for Balloonfest 2012!! In case you missed it, here's a look back at some of my favorite stuff to move across the wall on

  • Balloonfest is a Week Away!!

    Balloonfest 2012 is a week away and we couldn't be more excited! This is my very first Balloonfest and I can't wait. You can get info about all the bands, including the local ones, as well as ticket and time info on our Balloonfest page!

    You can also read Dubba G's memories of past Balloonfests, including my personal favorite -- when the balloon he was in came down on prison grounds! What?!?!? I may reconsider going up in a balloon myself.
  • Safe Sex Popcorn

    When we think about safe sex, the first thing we think about is, uhh, popcorn. Obviously. Who doesn't? Buzz wrote about discovering popcorn promoting safe sex in the KLAQ breakroom.
  • Teresa Shows us Why Old People are Awesome

    Teresa is great at finding the Internet's best videos and she didn't let us down this week, with a video of two old guys I want to hang out with -- Harvey and Eddie. NBC sat down with the 80-something-year-old pals and talked about everything from Facebook to Snooki. I can only hope I'm so cool when I'm old(er).
  • Local Music Profiles!

    The local music scene in El Paso is rockin', and Johnnie Walker (coolest name EVER) is bringing it all to you. You can check out profiles of local bands and see Johnnie's reviews of local shows that he goes to for YOU on the local band profile page. Who else brings you that? No one, that's who.

  • New Version of RadioPup!

    We got messages from a few of you reporting a few bugs with our iPhone and Droid app, RadioPup. We couldn't have that, so we put our team of developers on the case and being amazing as they are, they released a new version, fixing all of the problems. Don't have RadioPup yet? What the hell are you waiting for? You can take KLAQ everywhere you go, even NYC, where I am right now! It's a little piece of El Paso that lives in your pocket. Download in the iTunes store and Android Market!