The state of Texas continues to grow and grow as time passes.

More and more people are moving to the Lone Star state for various reasons. Whether it be for family or business reasons, there's certain to be a new Texan every day of 2024. With the increase of people living the state, more areas are needed to fit both people and production.

But for one area in Texas, specifically Brazoria County, people living in a rather secluded part of the area have voiced concerns regarding a facility that is set to hold nearly 43,000 primates.

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Texas Residents Speak Out Against Monkey Facility

According to The Texan, the story of how the center came to be starts two years prior, in 2022. The news organization reports that Charles River Laboratories bought 538 acres of land to make a home for previously mentioned 43,000 monkeys. The monkeys were to be used for biotechnology and pharmaceutical experiments.

However, once residents found out about area that was already in its building stages, they voiced their displeasure to government officials. Cody Vasut (R-Angleton), told the Texan that area isn't right for a facility of the kind due to various factors.

Other issues brought to light, as reported by The Texan, is the frightening possibility of the area flooding and spreading monkey excrement and other injurious material across other properties. Due to multiple red flags being raised, The Texan reports that the testing facility is now in limbo, with potential changes coming to fix complaints, or the building could be moved elsewhere.

As this is a developing story, more information will be reported when it becomes available.

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