I love animals & children; I'm sure you do too. The entire state of Texas loves our furry friends & children. That's why we have countless hospitals to treat children & animals to lend a helping hand; we have over a dozen children's hospitals & countless veterinarian offices in Texas. One in particular from Leander, Texas has made their mission to help both disabled animals AND children. That hospital is Safe in Austin.

Fans of the Queer Eye show will remember Safe in Austin

From 2021's Season 6, Safe in Austin had an entire episode dedicated to the shelter called "Snow White in Central Texas". On the episode they interviewed the owner of the animal/children's hospital, Jamie-Wallace Griner, & they showed off their facility where they talked about the 200 disabled animals they have on the property & they decide to help give her a make over. The shelter would of course thank the show Queer Eye for showing their animal shelter exposure on tv.

Safe In Austin would get more support online

The shelter has been extremely active on their social media page too; recently they shared another tv appeared on The Wizards of Paws where they showed a calf they were taking care of called Champion. Tragically Champion passed away earlier in June, but for months they took care of Champion & tried to make his life a little better near the end.

They're continuously active in helping protect & take care of abused animals & children so we certainly commend them for their selfless & humanitarian efforts.

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