I was invited to an event at the club and it was pretty cool, see for yourself.

The Davenport Social Club is located at 140 Montecillo Blvd, in Montecillo, on the 2nd floor. There are a number of businesses nestled in the apartment complex which makes life pretty easy for the tenants.

If they want dining, drinks, coffee, doughnuts, personal services ... pretty much anything ... it's a short walk away. That includes the Davenport Social Club.

The City Magazine has what they call a "Launch Party" to officially release the magazine's new issue every month. That's how I found myself at the Davenport Social Club in the first place.

It's also how I was able to get in ahead of time and snap a few pics of the club before it started filling up. Here are a few pre-party pics:

Check Out The Davenport Social Club

Photos of the Davenport Social Club

The place is pretty cool as you can see and relies on lots of shades of purple in its decor.

I asked if that was a nod to Prince after seeing two drinks on the menu ... Purple Rain and Raspberry Beret ... that were also Prince songs. Apparently, Prince isn't a thing there; just a coincidence I guess.

They have some cool "animal" art on the walls too.

All in all, it was a great party in a cool place.

Certainly off the beaten path for me.

If you're looking for a new place to grab a cold one, especially if you happen to live in Montecillo, stop by.

Davenport Social Club Party

Interesting animal/human art

Have a brew, an espresso martini ... yes, that's a thing at the Davenport ... or maybe a "Purple Rain" and relax on the balcony.

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