Can you imagine waking up one day and then just seeing a bunch of goats in your yard? That's what residents in the Erwin Farms neighborhood in McKinney, Texas one day and it was hilarious!

Apparently this Erwin Farms neighborhood (ironically they take the "farms" part seriously) is known for the wildlife that takes over because not too long ago, they had wild hogs roaming free just this past January!

This time it was not one, not two but 40 goats who took a stroll through the neighborhood!

Apparently the goats were grazing at a nearby development; the goats were being used to eat the vegetation around the development- who knew that construction companies used goats for that?

Well, the goats decided that the vegetation around that development wasn't enough and ended up strolling through this neighborhood to get some more snacks! The security footage comes courtesy of Garrett Piersall, who said that the goats were eating everything in sight- even going so far as to eat the leaves on his tree!

Luke Scarpino via Unsplash
Luke Scarpino via Unsplash

While the goats did their snacking, the firm in charge of the goats did make things right by some of the residents; immediately replacing what the goats ate.

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This neighborhood looks fancy- and the goats definitely looked out of place, especially considering there were 40 of them! But, it looks like alls well that ends well as the goats eventually returned to their original grazing area and some of the residents got their shrubbery fixed! Some people pay good money for that!

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