New Mexico has some beautiful mountains and a few of them have tunnels running through them.

The Gilman Tunnels, aka the Jemez Tunnels, run through the Jemez Mountains in the Santa Fe Forest in northern New Mexico.

The longest tunnel in New Mexico offers especially stunning views and has been used in several movies. That's pretty cool and it really is beautiful but it's actually not very long at all.

The south Gilman tunnel is 100 feet long while the north tunnel runs about 125 feet.

The longest tunnel in Texas runs 3,750 feet and the longest one in the USA = 2.5 miles.

If you have ever seen The Scorch Trials, The Lone Ranger, (2013). or 3:10 to Yuma, (the 2007 version), then you may recognize the tunnel.

The Gilman Tunnels lie along NM 485 in the southwestern Jemez Mountains, about a 5 hour drive from El Paso.

You should time your trip carefully though and check conditions ahead of time as falling rocks or other bad conditions can cause the road to be closed.

This road is usually closed due to snow and poor road conditions from Dec 15 to April 15.  Snow often remains in the area till late April or early May until the spring and summer heat dries things out. It can be closed due to falling rocks and debris anytime. No phone reception out there. -

Between December and April, it's very common for the road to close due to heavy snow.

During the warmer months, getting there is a great, truly beautiful motorcycle ride through the Jemez Mountains, the Santa Fe Forest and past an amazing waterfall.

The tunnel is also pretty narrow so, only one vehicle at a time can go through it and some cars don't fit at all..

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