El Paso weather is known for being bi-polar one day sunny bright skies and the next a cold front coming through. Thankfully we have not witnessed any of our local news anchors get swiped away like this dude above.

When you're a news anchor you're automatically taking a risk to possibly be humiliated for your city to see. Right This Minute has the exact proof on why it's risky to be reporting in front of the camera on live television. There have been some incidents with your local stations such as KVIA and the Darren Hunt mishap. But no one can out beat the weather crew because of accidents like this that occur. The weather man had his time to shine when mother nature decided to swoop in and blow him out of the cameras view. The funniest part about this was watching his fellow employees laughing on live television about what happened.

When he comes back to the camera you can see mother nature really put a dent on his umbrella!

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