Luckily this type of interview question didn't upset any of the pedestrians that ended in a fist fight. Jimmy Kimmel's assistant who clearly has no shame asking these pedestrians about getting some.

Jimmy Kimmel Live really does know how to put you on the spot for all to see! This was back in February after Valentine's Day and Jimmy was curious as to how many people got some love. There are quite a few people who treat Valentine's Day like a regular day and some that blow it up. The people who blow up that "love day" usually are the ones who will make sure to get laid. As for the others, well not so much since they will have sex when they want and not make it mandatory just because it's Valentine's. There are people who consider sex like a special gift that enjoy having birthday, Valentine's even New Year's sex! The best response EVER that should be one for the books is 3 minutes in.

These people above have no shame sharing if they got some lovin' or not on camera for all to see!

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