I went down to Sonic Ranch to check out a new band that was in town recording their new album. I met The Burning of Rome over at SXSW and saw their videos online and knew they had a great sound, and were a band Q listeners should check out!


Here's the second part of my interview with The Burning of Rome from my trip down to Sonic Ranch. Turns out, this band is now a huge fan of Texas and want to tour here more often. I can't blame them, I ended up moving out here!

If you want to check out more of The Burning of Rome, you can check out their Facebook here, Twitter, get at them on Instagram, or their website here. To see the first part of this interview click here.

Also, while I was out at Sonic Ranch, I took some pictures of the place so you could see what is there to inspire musicians. And trust me, there is a lot out there to inspire you. All the fabrics that cover the walls come from all over the world, and some are even hand stitched together. Check out those pictures at the bottom of this post!