Tornillo, Texas (about 40 miles east of El Paso) is home to just over 1,500 people. It’s also home to one of the most famous recording studios in the state of Texas: Sonic Ranch. Located at 20200 Alameda Rd, the studio has been a staple in not El Paso history, but they have also played a huge part and helping many incredible different types of genres record masterpieces.

Sonic Ranch Recording Studio Facebook
Sonic Ranch Recording Studio Facebook

How many artists have recorded at Sonic Ranch?

Some of the biggest names in rock and metal have recorded at Sonic Ranch; for example Bullet For My Valentine recorded their album Scream Aim Fire back in 2008. The album is certified gold in the UK, Germany & Australia.

Gerard Way, the iconic singer from My Chemical Romance, recorded his album,  Hesitant Alien at Sonic Ranch. Not only that, one lucky fan even got to meet Gerard during the recording of the album.

The Chamanas would be record their debut album, Once Once at Sonic Ranch. The band would later be nominated at the 2016 Latin Grammys for best new artist because of the success of their debut album.

Even the Youtube stars, the Game Grumps, have recorded countless times at Sonic Ranch with Starbomb & NSP. Dan even made a special friend back in 2023, a very special & loveable cat named Jovi.

Even the local news legend, Robert Holguin, filmed a documentary of The Sloppy Boys, recording an album at Sonic Ranch which won an award at the 2023 El Paso Film Festival.

That is literally just scratching the surface of the amount of artists that would record in this tiny town outside of El Paso. There were many.. MANY more artists who have recorded countless albums at Sonic Ranch. Look for the ones YOU know.

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