Finding a good affordable place to live can be hard; especially with this inflation going on in the world or the rise in gas prices. In the state of Texas alone, it can be tough finding the most affordable city to live. According to one article on, they listed the top cities with the lowest cost of living in the whole state of Texas.

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These 5 Texas cities just missed the top 10

#15 is Floydada, which is 45 minutes outside of Lubbock & 35 minutes away from Plainview. The total population is 2,700.

#14 is North Alamo in Hidalgo County with a population of 4,080.

#13 is San Diego (no not the city in California) with a population of 3,705

#12 is Falfurrias in Brooks County, with a population of 4,532

and just missing the top 10 is Seth Ward at #11. It has one of the smaller populations on this list: around 1,849.


These are the top 10 Texas cities with the lowest cost of living

10. Perezville; a suburb of McAllen, Texas. Its total population is about 2,577

9. Tornillo; located in El Paso County. It has a population of 1,360 & is the home to Sonic Ranch Studios, a popular recording studio for musicians.

8. Siesta Shores; located in Zapata County. Its population is 1,715.

7. Elm Creek; located in Maverick County. Population of 3,902

6. Llano Grande; located in Hidalgo County with a population of 2,103. It's also home to the Llano Grande Resort in Mercedes, Texas.

5. San Carlos; located in Hidalgo County with a population of about 4,177

4. Diboll; located in Angela County with a population around 4,449

3. Muniz; located in the Hidalgo County. It has the smallest population on this list; just over 1,000 people

2. Dilley; located in Frio County with a population of 3,404.

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& #1 is Heidelberg Texas; located in Hidalgo County. Heidelberg has a population around 1,724.

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