Fans of the YouTube series, Game Grumps, might be surprised on how many mentions to El Paso, Texas, that have been through out the series. As a long time fan of the Game Grumps (Arin Hanson & Dan Avidan), I was surprised on how many times that El Paso has been brought up through out the show. This isn't a list of EVERY mention, but a good number of them that I've found.

The Game Grumps are big fans of 2 bands from El Paso, Texas

In their playthrough of Resident Evil HD, both Arin & Dan admitted to like The Mars Volta; Dan especially loved their first album, De-Loused in the Comatorium. Dan also admitted that he's a fan of At the Drive-In and knows that after they split up, members would form The Mars Volta & Sparta.

That makes me very happy knowing that Dan is familiar with all 3 bands from El Paso. You can also hear him sing "One Armed Scissor" in the beginning of the episode.

Sonic Ranch Studios is a "go-to" place for the Game Grumps to record music

Fans of Game Grumps know that they have done some recordings at Sonic Ranch Studios, a very popular & famous recording studio in Tornillo, Texas (which is about 45 minutes outside of El Paso). The Grumps first admitted this while playing Super Mario Odyssey, episode 15 that was uploaded on November 28, 2017.

Dan in particular went into great detail on how much he loved the individual studios, instruments/recording equipment, as well as saying how much he loved the pecan farm near Sonic Ranch. They ended up staying there for about 2 weeks in El Paso. That album would end up being called "The TryForce".

You can hear them talk about Sonic Ranch at the 5 minute mark.

That wouldn't be the only story involving Sonic Ranch told on the Game Grumps channel; while playing PowerWash Simulator, the Grumps started talking about the comedy song, "Ram Ranch" around 19 minutes into the video.

Arin admitted that the first time they ever HEARD of Ram Ranch was from someone who was working at SONIC Ranch. They didn't say who it was but that's hilarious to me.

El Paso & Juarez were even shown on one of their playthroughs

The last one is a quick one but it's nevertheless a mention of both cities on a Game Grumps episode. While playing Geoguesser, Arin was placed somewhere on the map & he had to take a guess where he was at. Arin guessed Mexico, which WAS correct, but he didn't realize that he was in Juarez.

Game Grumps via YouTube
Game Grumps via YouTube

Afterwards the map showed just HOW CLOSE they were to El Paso. Obviously the Grumps never went to Juarez, but it's STILL a mention of El Paso on a Game Grumps episode. Albeit it was a short & quick mention.

Game Grumps via YouTube
Game Grumps via YouTube

You can find this mention at the 27:30 mark on the episode that was uploaded on May 8, 2024.

Thank you Game Grumps for not only coming to El Paso, but including us in some of your episodes. We appreciate the love very much.

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