Luckily, skaters in the borderland haven't had any trouble doing what they love. If you have seen skaters riding on their skateboards then you know how much hard they work to land a trick.

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When you're driving around El Paso you will notice skaters riding at different places excluding skate parks. Because let's face it, there are some awesome spots skaters can pull off some crazy stunts.

There are businesses with some rails that are perfect for rail tricks that some skateboarders love to try. Then you also can't forget skateboarders also get a thrill out of skating inside an empty pool.

Now thankfully we haven't heard of any kind of scary situation happening to any skaters in El Paso. Although nothing insane has happened here in El Paso it has happened elsewhere.

A skater who goes by Doof had the scariest thing happen to him while he was doing his own thing. After watching the frightening footage you will notice what kind of moron the dude in the car is.

Clearly, the way the dude in the Tesla parked shows exactly what kind of person he truly is. In my opinion, if you see a group of skaters trying to land some tricks why even park nearby?

Especially if he is so worried about his Tesla that he takes up not just one but two parking spaces. As you will see he pulls a gun on the guy trying to land a trick on his skateboard for no reason.

If anything skaters always try to use their own body as a shield and avoid hitting anything else but the ground. Hopefully, El Paso skaters don't deal with this kind of insanity doing what they love to do.

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