So today is my final day working at KLAQ and wanted to highlight something that's gnarly but scary as hell. I came across a friend of a friend's post that just blew my mind.

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It sure is nice to see skater tourists looking for an ideal spot to skateboard in El Paso. Just like one particular visitor from Albuquerque, New Mexico who visited El Paso recently.

Bryant Chapo is a skater at heart and those types will always carry their board when they travel. Luckily, out-of-towners who love skating have a helpful source that hooks you up with places to skate in El Paso.

If you're reading this while feeling clueless and also a local, just refer to El Paso Skate Spots on Instagram. I wonder if Bryant Chapo got this wild idea to skate at a spot a lot of skaters at heart would turn down.

The spot is near I-10 West as you will see in Bryant Chapo's Facebook video. This Albuquerque skateboarder at heart certainly has zero problems with what some call a danger zone.

Well, Mr. Chapo certainly deserves to put this one in the book of wild places he tested his skills at. Plus, now that he knows he can land it hopefully means he won't do it again for safety's sake.

This dude definitely knocked it out of the park while skating at this deadly yet popular spot Downtown. Anyone who can land this kind of trick at that spot radiates confidence, and it shows.

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