It seems like gun scares have been occurring a lot more lately at Cielo Vista.

Just last month it was all a misunderstanding thanks to a skateboarding celebrity Danny Duncan who caused chaos. The crowd of teenagers from that incident ran through Cielo Vista Mall like it was a running of the bulls in Spain.

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Even if there wasn't an active shooter just the panic of teenagers running around was enough to scare the shoppers. Shoot, even if I were shopping with my kids at the mall that day and encountered that, I would freak out too.

If you read the KTSM News 9 article, then you know what store to run to for cover at Cielo Vista Mall.

If you didn't read it, the store that took in 25 customers to their storage area was Tilly's. It is near the food court area upstairs next door to American Eagle and across from Aeropostale and Pac Sun.

Now another scare happened just a couple days ago.

The Real Fit Fam El Paso shared the footage fans shared with them of a man pulling his gun out from his waist behind his back. I am surprised the people who shared their footage of the incident didn't run off after seeing the gun.

There is no way I would want to risk my life staying around just to catch some camera footage.

Not sure what led up to what happened at Cielo Vista Mall but it sure has scared regular shoppers. It's so sad for Cielo Vista Mall having to endure flashbacks from August 3, 2019.

Some of the comments on The Real Fit Fam El Paso page hold some truth, in my opinion.

For example, Veddyelazquezz mentioned how Cielo Vista Mall can't catch a break, which I felt. All we can do is be hopeful that we don't have any more situations like this or August 3rd again.

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