Sometimes location really IS important to some people like photographers, businesses and most of all skateboarders! There are certain areas in El Paso that skateboarders prefer to practice their tricks at.

In El Paso, there are plenty of skate parks all over that are used quite often by skaters. Then there are specific locations that skaters enjoy using that aren't a skate park. I remember seeing a lot of skaters practicing their tricks at Coronado High School which wasn't allowed. Off the Lens video above shows a group of skaters skating around Lincoln Park in Central El Paso. The areas that prohibit skateboarding usually have the best turf to ride around. A handful of friends I know prefer to stay out of trouble or out of getting a ticket and use the skate parks. Then there are some who risk it all for the kind of riding they can do at certain spots.

If you do any kind of skating which kind of location do you prefer to skate at? Take the poll below!

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