El Paso has tons of skate parks these days. Back in the day though, it seems there was only one...

I remember as the 2000's began, skateparks weren't so common. Now, however, they're everywhere. Going back a bit, skaters had to be a bit more ingenious. Empty swimming pools, homemade ramps, stairwells, etc; they made their own fun.

Lords of Dogtown, the movie and the documentary, both give a really good look at those early days of skateboarding and it's culture. This old video I found shows how El Paso skaters rolled, (pun very much intended), back in those days.

Today, in addition to all the city park skate areas, other "old school" style parks exist as well. The Northeast, once home to Earth Surf, got one of the biggest ones a couple of years ago. For more info on that one, click here.

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