I don't know how far back this war goes, but I know it definitely dates back to my middle school and high school years. There were many battles in this war, and some casualties, but they were always entertaining. I'm talking about the war between the Rebels and the Skaters.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, let me enlighten you. You, of  course know what a skater is. A skatecore person who's life is all about Vans of the Wall, NOFX and those flat bottom shoes and can usually be seen carrying around their skateboards.

A Rebel? Well, first of all, rebel is a type of dance- which, according to Urban Dictionary, originated here in the 915. As per Urban Dictionary:

"Rebel is a style of dance that cultivated in the 90's here in El Paso Texas, Juarez Mexico and California, all for the love of House Music... I can pretty much say we only had one rule, "No Bitting"!!! (copying moves) amongst each other."

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It goes on and on, and of course a Rebel had their own style, one could say this was the origin of skinny jeans! Check this video out and tell me it doesn't bring back memories:

During my middle school years is when I first noticed there was a war brewing. I would get invited to quince's and noticed this dancing and as much as I wanted to join in on the Rebelling, I never dared compete against someone in a crew (yeah, there were crews!).

It was always the same story, during lunch, a fight would break out, and when you would ask "between who?" the answer was "rebels vs. skaters". Sometimes the rebels won, and sometimes the skaters won; either way, it was highly entertaining. So, is this still a thing?


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