You know that song "Going on a bear hunt"? No, it's not a song you'd hear at an alternative night club on a Friday night; it's a kid's song! I first heard it in the first grade and I loved it! It was by Dr. Jean who was like the Adele of my childhood. If you're not familiar, let me introduce you to Dr. Jean:

As I grew up, I kind of forgot about Dr. Jean and the bear hunt- until recently.

I only recently learned that Dr. Jean's "Going on a Bear Hunt" is actually based on the book "We're Going On A Bear Hunt" by Michael Rosen. Both the song and the book are seeing a resurgence as people across the globe practice social distancing. More people are spending time with loved ones indoors- reading and singing and dancing. Although many parks are closed to the public, many "shelter in place" orders still allow for you to walk around your neighborhood.

On those walks, or drives, around the neighborhood, you may have noticed teddy bears on windows or porches. People around the world are leaving teddy bears, or any stuffed animal really, on windows or porches, creating a fun game for kids to play along with. Children strolling the neighborhood are free to take pictures, or draw their findings, and keep tally of how many bears they see in their neighborhood.

More and more neighborhoods are learning about this fun scavenger hunt and setting up teddy bears in fun situations and costumes. As communities are coming together in these uncertain times, it's nice to know that we can try to make the world a little less scary for children. Go on a bear hunt with your family and see how many you can find in your neighborhood; just because you're social distancing doesn't mean you can't be united, we're all in this together!

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