El Paso will now have to officially follow the lockdown order and hopefully be on our best behavior. Before having my close-calls with Covid-19 I have remained as careful as I can be. My typical everyday routine is getting up, going to work, head home, and be a mom. There have been some days when I have to re-stock on food and home essentials. But like I said it is rare when I need to go to the store for certain things. The other place I have visited before the pandemic got out of hand is a hair salon. I have gone to a total of 2 appointments with my hairstylist one appointment in March and one back in September. Let me tell you though I have been due for a trim and it really shows. But I am going to sit this one out and wait until the pandemic wraps this chaos up and gets the heck out of dodge.

Our frontline workers are doing everything they can to save members of our community who are diagnosed with Covid-19. Our city has gotten so bad that the military will be deploying 60 medical personnel to three hospitals here in El Paso. The 3 hospitals that are gaining extra medical staff are Las Palmas Del Sol Medical Center, The University Medical Center of El Paso, and The Hospitals of Tansmountain Campus. The main purpose behind this lockdown is to help keep Covid-19 from spreading and also keep our frontline workers from overworking themselves. If you don't have to go out, just stay in, stay safe by staying home. You can even hear a local RN's plea about staying at home with your family. If you would like to see an improvement happen for our city then we have got to do our part and stay home. Now let's try and have our frontline workers back during this pandemic.

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