Have you packed on some weight during the COVID-19 quarantine? You could make some money to work that weight off. So you not only get the weight gone, but you also get to fatten your wallet as well. A company called Total Shape is just asking candidates to track their weight loss journey with daily blogs, video diaries, and social media posts. Chances are you are already doing that stuff while in lockdown anyway.

Here at Total Shape, we are committed to helping the public live their best lives by feeling healthier and happier. One thing we’re aware might be making people unhappy right is the dreaded ‘Quarantine 15’ where months in lockdown trying to stay safe has perhaps started to take its toll on the waistline.

Now you just have to lose some weight. Here are some of the qualifications you need to meet:

  • You need to be based in the UK or US
  • You must be over 18 or 21, depending on the region you live
  • You have a BMI of 30+
  • You don't have any pre-existing health conditions

Here in the United States, if you're chosen for this, you'll be guaranteed $8,000, with up to $5,000 in bonuses. They point out on their website:

According to the CDC, four in ten (40%) of Americans are classed as obese, and at least a fifth (20%) of adults are obese in all 50 states. Three quarters (76%) claiming sheltering in place has left them 16lbs heavier*.

If you are selected you will also have to submit photographs of your progress, including your verified weight recordings and daily measurements. What do you have to lose? Other than that extra weight you've been toting around since we all got sent on lockdown.

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