Halloween is the time of year some people get creative and make their own costumes while others just buy theirs. Before my daughter and her dad tested positive we had discussed options for her Halloween costume. This year my daughter's dad and I came to an agreement on what her costume should be for Halloween. Our choices were either Gizmo from Gremlins or the white owl that was Harry Potter's messenger in all Harry Potter flicks. Well, the store had run out of her size for Gizmo so owl it was for Halloween. Now not a lot of people or stores sell owl costumes which meant we had to make it. Everyone who has ever made a costume knows how much blood, sweat, and tears come along with the project. I did hurt my hand on several occasions putting together her owl costume. One weekend her dad and I got together to buy the materials we needed to make her owl costume. The materials needed were a long sleeve onesie, white diaper bloomers, leggings, white felt fabric material, white craft feathers, glue gun, fabric scissors, and nylon headband. Well, after picking up the materials we immediately went straight to work. Traced as many feathers as we could before calling it a day.

The following week my daughter had tested positive for Covid-19 which meant I had to quarantine for 14 days. I worked from home and when I did have some free time I used it wisely and was very productive. Since I held on to the materials, I continued to work on her costume while I was under quarantine. I had traced more feathers on the white felt fabric. I traced over 400 pieces of white feathers on the felt. Now tracing was the easy part compared to when it came time to cut them out. Before gluing pieces of material to the onesie I had to figure out a layout for each white felt feather. Once I got a pattern down I glued each white felt piece to the onesie on the front and back. After gluing the pieces on the front and back of her onesie I then glued the white craft feathers tracing her shoulder sleeve outline. Once I completed her onesie it was then time to move on to the mask. The mask I traced two cyan-colored circles and two black circles with a coma shaped like a beak. The only difficulty I faced while making her costume was when it was time to make her wings. But I am so excited how her costume has turned out and definitely worth the time and pain I endured while making it. I give major props to people who prefer to make their own costumes over buying one from a store.

Quarantine DIY Halloween Project

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