On the introvert/extrovert spectrum, I put myself on the “moderate introvert” side. I don’t have a crippling fear of socializing or meeting people. But, if my choices (pre-pandemic, of course) are A.) going to a crowded club or party or b.) staying in, catching up on “my shows” and maybe starting a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle, I’m going with “b” way more often.

I thought that this mild introvert bent would work in my favor at the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic. “Stay home and socially distance? I was BORN for this!”. It’s looking more and more like INTROVERTS are actually the ones doing worse during the pandemic. One survey all the way back in APRIL of a thousand Americans found that introverts were more likely to suffer more from the pandemic than extroverts.

Another study found similar results. Finally, yet another study from this week ALSO says that introverts are faring the worst.

What gives? A big part of it, brought up in each of the surveys, is that extroverts are more likely to FIND NEW ways to connect with people during social isolation. An outgoing person will figure out Zoom or connect over social media or, hell, pick up the phone and call friends and loved ones just to stay in touch. Introverts are more likely to crawl further into their cocoon of isolation. Sure, it SEEMS like an introvert’s dream come true. Just stay home and you’ll always have an excuse not to go out or socialize. But here’s the catch: people, even introverts, need social interaction. I’ve always thought that, as a moderate introvert, if I ever had to go to prison I’d just ask for solitary confinement and do my time. According to introverts who have actually BEEN in prison, this isn’t the case. Even people more introverted than I am, deprived of interaction with others, will crack. Usually, sooner rather than later.

Other than that, maybe introverts tend to be gloomier in general and that’s why they tell researchers thing are going really bad for them. I’m a “glass is half empty” kind of guy so I don’t think my response to somebody taking a survey about “happiness” would stray that far off my baseline mood.

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