Lately, first responders have been pushing us to stay home to avoid anymore spikes of Covid-19 cases. One particular RN shared her personal two cents about staying home to enjoy the time with your family.

The RN who is asking El Paso to stay home is Mrs. Munoz. She wanted to share her personal opinion about the struggles her friends and family are experiencing due to Covid-19 on her Snapchat story. Hopefully, she doesn't make her husband sleep in the doghouse for sharing her video.

I was on Twitter and came across the video Christopher Munoz (her husband) had shared on his Twitter. Watching Mrs. Munoz, his wife and RN get emotional towards the end got me emotional.

If you know someone in the medical field then you know their every day 12 hours of struggle they encounter. Hell, you will even see the physical evidence on their faces. Mrs. Munoz used Snapchat to make her plea about staying home. You can see her plea about staying home below.

It is crazy to think that El Paso didn't do a good job of keeping our positive Covid-19 cases number down. There is one way we can do our part and help out El Paso's medical staff, by staying home. IN El Paso, we have all been witnessing Covid-19 spread faster than butter on toasted bread. Plus, different places of business have had to shut their doors due to an outbreak of positive cases. Staying home can save lives and help out the others who save lives for a living. Let's help our city get better and lower the numbers by staying home. I hope Mrs. Munoz an RN and the rest of El Paso's first responders stay safe and rona free.

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