Now there is nothing wrong with however you choose to celebrate and welcome a new year. Sure we all give each other crap whether someone you know is a party animal or the relax mode type at times. But hey, if staying in dressed comfortably is your happy way of celebrating a new year, props to you.

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Now if you can still be able to party like a rock star over your 30's and survive the following day props to you too. You have to remember the things to keep in mind about how you celebrate a new year.

Some people choose to take extra precautions and avoid the possible chance of getting hit by a drunk driver, especially on New Year's Eve. Hence, why some El Pasoans choose to party at home instead of hitting the streets.

We also can't forget the good times we had when we did celebrate out and about on the streets of El Paso. It is always a blast getting all dolled up and partying with the ones that made your year great.

I certainly am curious though about how you prefer to celebrate New Year's Eve considering how many intoxicated wrong-way drivers El Paso has had over the years. I mean just see some of the evidence of reckless drivers on The Real Fit Fam El Paso Instagram after ringing in 2022. Besides the pandemic still has some locals concerned and choosing to slim down their chances of catching Covid-19 by staying home.

It was another year for me of staying nestled and warm under the sheets since I worked the next morning. But what type were you when it was time to countdown to 2022 on New Year's Eve? Share how you kicked off 2022 in the poll below.

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