You are invited to attempt to survive two new haunted houses from our friends at The Haunted Houses of Terror. The Haunted Houses of Terror is proudly produced and managed by 915 Live productions and Desert Warriors Paintball, as they announce that El Paso’s longest-running Haunted House is adding a second location. With over 25 years of experience, this year's Haunted Houses of Terror will send many screaming for the door! But will you make it!

The freakish minds behind our drive-thru haunted house are now awakening even more spirits for two terrifying new haunted house attractions.

One on the West location titled, Haunted Theater and an East location called, 'The Fields Have Eyes.'

If you are looking to join the ghoulish group, you can head out for the casting calls happening very soon.


Get ready! We are bring you twice the terror! Two frightening experience! Double the horror, double the screams!

For the Haunted Theater, let us set the scene,"The construction of the building “The Haunted Theater” has disturbed and upset the souls within the theater. You will be immersed in real-life horror scenes from some of the most popular scary movies of our time. As you make your way thru each theater you will come in contact with the demented and diabolical, waiting to imprison you in a state of catatonic fear."

As for the Fields Have Eyes, "The fields have eyes and they are full of vicious venom and vigor for “Human Hunting” this haunt season. Make your way through the fields as you will need to claw yourself through the maze of horror to come out the other end. Don’t let confusion and overtake you or you won't make it out to the other end."

In collaboration with the 'Hills Have Eyes' creators direct from Hollywood this year haunted houses are sure to be heart-racing attractions inspired by the scariest Halloween movies.

We’ll be taking COVID-19 safety precautions at both of our locations. We are planning to make sure all guests not only feel the spookiest of vibes of the haunted houses, but completely safe as they go through the houses.

You can stay connected to our KLAQ app for the latest updates on both Haunted Houses of Terror, just make sure to turn on your app alert. You can also get more information visit the