klaq haunted house

The freakish minds behind our drive-thru haunted house are now awakening even more spirits for two terrifying new haunted house attractions.

One on the West location titled, Haunted Theater and an East location called, 'The Fields Have Eyes.'

If you are looking to join the ghoulish group, you can head out for the casting calls happening very soon.

10 Signs the KLAQ Haunted House May Not Be So Great This Year
NO, WAIT! I'm not saying our Haunted House isn't great. It is extremely great and at a reasonable price and you should totally go. It's open every night at 1323 Lee Trevino.
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Fernie Goes Thru The KLAQ Haunted Warehouse [Video]
Today is the day! The KLAQ Haunted House-The Mansion of Death in 3D opens up at 6 tonight! And don't forget about the special price of admission tonight, which is ONLY 95 plus 5 cents! That's right, today it just costs a dollar to go thru the haunted house.
The haunted house is located at the corner …
KLAQ Haunted House Auditions!
Getting ready for the KLAQ Haunted House, Fear Factory, to open Friday, Sept 30th!! Do you have what it takes to scare the crap out of people?? Details inside!