One thing I will OPENLY admit is that I am an adrenaline junky. But, I really don't like the adrenaline rush that comes with being jump scared to death! Which is why I have avoided, at all costs, going to a haunted house for most of my entire life.

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Growing up, my brother would hide behind corners and under furniture, just to pop out and scare me. So you can see why I hate jump scares. Not once, not twice, but all the time... years of this growing up! We'd both also do this to my mom because she has a hilarious scream, AND we thought it was funny.... She did not, however....

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This continued into adulthood, and to this day I avoid scary movies with any gore, senseless violence, or... jump scares. AND, I avoid haunted houses at all costs! That was... until 2019 when Buzz convinced me to go to the KLAQ haunted house 'CarnEvil.' I gathered my nerves popped a few CBD gummies, and headed over with him and a video crew to capture the whole experience.

As you can see in the YouTube video below I was not having a good time. Those were legitimate screams, legitimate fear, and legitimate PTSD after this entire experience. At one point they capture me SO sweaty from the entire run.


I needed a bathroom badly, you know to wipe my sweat, and to use the facilities. Buzz thought it was funny and confuses me by pointing somewhere else. Overall, it was not a great time. But I'm glad I did it because it's an experience I can now say I've had ,and one that hopefully make some other people laugh. Cuz that's really what it's all about. Not the scares.


This was one experience I hope I never have to repeat. BUT especially without THAT a**hole BUZZ to provoke me the entire time!

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