Tomorrow will be three years Scott Ronson left but left us behind with so many great memories we shared with him. On May 19, 2015, Lisa Sanchez wrote a heartfelt post letting everyone know Scott had passed.

In 2014 a lot of you showed your support for Scott during his battle with cancer at his benefit. Speaking Rock Entertainment Center were more than happy to hold Scott's benefit concert in September. The guys from Pop Evil were more than happy to help out in any way they could. We all have shared some great moments with Scott Ronson when he was around. If you were one of the many who attended his benefit, you will remember when he took a shot of Jack Daniels to cheers with you. We'll always remember and never forget the blunt Scott Ronson who was the coolest dad, grandpa, son, friend, and co-worker!

This is always a great video to watch and remember just how much Scott Ronson was loved!

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