It's true .... and boobs are now officially the coolest things ever!  (As if there were ever any doubt... ) 

Ok, ok, ok ... to be truthful; the breasts in question were made of concrete but this is still a pretty cool ... almost inspirational ... story!

In Australia, a lightning bolt struck a statue of the Venus De Milo.  Pretty much blew the thing to all to hell, but the boobs bounced back!!

The 66 lb boobs (can you imagine!?!?) survived the hit with only a tiney bit of damage to one nipple.  (Guess it's an "inny" now!!)

Now, what to do with the Ta-Tas of stone?  Stonemasonry Head (head ... huh huh huh ...) Tom Finlay said

“I’ll leave the statue the way it is to show the force of nature … I might mount [the breasts] and hang them in my office.”

I'm sure his coworkers will love that.  For more boobs, (the non-lightning struck, un-blown to crap, both nipple having kind), check out Ronsons local Chi-Chis of the day!!

(This video's great, but heads up! AFTER it's over, there's language that's NSFW!)


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